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Khan’s Desserts
This company was founded on the principle that quality ingredients make quality food, and that vegan food is the apex of health and taste. Our desserts are crafted to present the best in taste, texture, and visual appeal. We use only the best ingredients, with a high percentage of organics, free of bleached flour or sugar, artificial colors or flavors, and preservatives.

Karina Khan
I have enthusiastically enjoyed of food since I was a toddler. My parents introduced me to a variety of ethnic cuisines, encouraging me to try new foods. I remember strangers in the buffet line commenting with surprise about what was going onto my plate. I particularly had a sweet tooth, preferring cheesecake to lollipops. Perhaps I’ve always been a food snob? As a kid, I enjoyed food so much, I would watch cooking shows when I got home from school. It was only natural that I made my career in the food business. Starting at age 16, when I worked in a burger and ice cream joint in the New Hampshire seacoast, until now, I have always been in food. It has taken different turns, highs and lows, from catering to manufacturing, hotels to pubs, Italian to Indian, corporate to independent. It was a lonely life for me in the food business, not eating meat. I didn’t know any other vegetarians, in or out of work. I was unenthusiastic about the food I was making for customers. Luckily, that was all about to change. It started when I got my first “nice” job, working for an upscale hotel in Portsmouth,NH. My chef was open minded, and would order any interesting ingredients we wanted to make specials with. He encouraged creativity, and was open to vegetarian and vegan food. I was allowed to show what I was capable of. It was during this that I became vegan. Shortly after, I moved to Boston, landing a job as vegan baker in a small bakery in Jamaica Plain neighborhood. I was allowed creative freedom to make what I wanted, and filled the case with everything from spanokopita to gluten free cupcakes. When I left Boston, and came to Nashville, I knew it was time to have my own bakery, but these things take time. I worked in Vanderbilt University dining bakery, and at the Wild Cow Vegetarian Restaurant doing vegan desserts, until opening Khan’s Desserts in May 2011. I live in East Nashville Tennessee with my partner Tracey and our pug, Poopie Dog.

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