Hours: Monday: 10-5  |  Tuesday-Thursday: 10-9  |  Friday-Saturday: 10-10  |  Sunday: 10-3

This company was founded on the principle that quality ingredients make quality food, and that vegan food is the apex of health and taste. Our desserts are crafted to present the best in taste, texture, and visual appeal. We use only the best ingredients, with a high percentage of organics, free of bleached flour or sugar, artificial colors or flavors, and preservatives.

Forget what you heard about dry and tasteless , boring vegan baked goods. This is the new generation. Khan’s Desserts are moist, delicious, and beautiful. We have something for every taste, traditional to adventurous.  We believe that quality if important not only in our products, but also in our relationships. We treat our employees with respect, give our customers attentive service, and work with our vendors and other businesses to grow together. If you have a product or service that we would find useful, we are open to the option of bartering. Khan’s also wishes to further the community by working with organizations benefitting, in paritcular, animals, women, and children.

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